Noon Hour Productions is what happens when three creatives collide and try to take over the world. Together we aim to create story-driven content for animation, manga, film and other media. Joined by a multi-talented group of voice actors and other professionals shown on our partners page, we get closer to our goal each day.



The creator of animated works including Arc Infinitum, Police Cops, Gunmetal Black and many others. Kel makes cartoons, you watch em! check out the newgrounds page and youtube channel. Kel is the character designer and animator for Invariant.

Ash Candy

An experienced animator and story-board artist, Ash is our visualization powerhouse. As the story-board artist for project Invariant, Ash will keep all of us in-line and proportional. In addition, Ash also designed the Noon Hour Productions Logo on the homepage. Checkout her twitter page and art portfolio.




arcade rhetoric

Is on a mission to a bring to you fresh sci-fi stories that drive collaborators crazy. A longtime writer and first time producer, Arcade serves as the writer and mad scientist behind Invariant.