Animation updates and 3D rendering process

I haven't stopped animating and am still working on this project although I have been trying to learn a different method of animation which is why things are taking so long.

Basically I'm trying to copy the Guilty Gear/ Dragonball Fighter Z style of 3D animation. This requires animating the 3d models more like 2d animation. 

First step is to animate 3d models as normal then export the video and break it apart into frames.

After that each frame has to be individually processed with a program called Vector Magic which is alot like Adobe Live trace however it can vectorize images in color. 

After that the new vectorized images are turned into a video again in after effects and a posterize time effect is applied which helps drop the frames to a more 2D- looking play back. 

This process triples the time for making one individual scene but it does make a better looking outcome. The only other way to make 2D is the old way but at this point- I've spent more of my life learning 3D so to go back to 2D might be a waste of knowledge and time.